Cyrus the Great and the Second Coming Christ

Who is Cyrus the Great?

Cyrus the Great and His Life

Cyrus II of Persia, also called as Cyrus the Great, is well known as the founder of the first Persian Empire. Let us find out who he is and how his life was

Cyrus and the prophecy of Bible

He finally comes to understand his entrusted mission is to rebuild Jerusalem Temple by setting the Israelites free

Cyrus Cylinder and Bible

The book of Isaiah was recorded about 170 years before King Cyrus set free Israel. It was even before he was born. How amazed Cyrus was when he read this scripture!

“I will raise up Cyrus in my righteousness: I will make all his ways straight. He will rebuild my city and set my exiles free, but not for a price or reward, says the LORD Almighty.”

Isa. 45:13


Isaiah 46 Is a Prophecy About Christ Ahnsahnghong

2000 years ago, Jesus said ‘These are the Scriptures that testify about me,’ through which He taught us that the Scriptures testify about Him. So, the Bible testifies about the Savior who will save mankind. However, there are some people who do not know the will of God but insist that the eagle from the East in Isaiah 46:11 is only a prophecy regarding Cyrus, king of Persia. But through the Bible, Christ Ahnsahnghong is Second Coming Christ testified in the Bible. It is true that the eagle from the East in Isaiah 46:11 did prophesy about king Cyrus but it also prophesied the Savior coming from the East to save God’s children from the spiritual Babylon in the New Testament times. In regard to this, let us check the evidence in the Bible one by one.


 Cyrus’ Cylinder and Bible

God concealed a secret about the Lord’s Second Coming in the Cyrus’ Cylinder. Now it’s time to reveal the mystery. The Bible says we are captured by the spiritual Babylon like Jews who were captured in Babylon. The first thing we should do is to meet spiritual Cyrus who comes to accomplish the prophecy of the Bible



538 B.C. Cyrus the king of Persia, issued an edict that Jews went back to Jerusalem and built the temple of the LORD. He commanded the resident to provide them with silver and gold, with goods and with freewill offerings for the temple of God in Jerusalem. And he allowed to bring the articles belonging to the temple of God which had been plundered by Babylon. The Cyrus king’s edict now reads as follows.


World Mission Society Church of God with King Cyrus?

The Bible is a series of deep and mysterious secrets testifying about the Savior. For example, Cyrus king of Persia represents the Savior who will save us from slavery in spiritual Babylon. Rev 18:1~5 “Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great! ~ “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues~ ”The second coming Christ has already come as spiritual King Cyrus, and established the World Mission Society Church of God. Who is He?